Its All About Color!

It’s all about color I say!  It’s that time of the year when it’s time to think about colors and themes for my classroom!  In today’s world there is an infinite amount of choices.  For the past 5 years I’ve been using bright, neon colors in my first grade classroom. I’ve decided it’s time to venture out on the limb and make a change again.  What to do?  I have always had a passion for color so the classroom is like my time to shine, my time to create. So I did something very unusual today.  I took a favorite color headband and pulled out some favorite colors and colors that compliment each other and played around with them. Not sure if this is my end results but, it is the beginning of the end and did I mention that we go back to school August 10th officially!

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Just One More Time…

I awaken every morning with


of my daughter and son on my mind.  Sometimes I can ALMOST hear their little voices laughing and giggling about something.  Joy, pure joy, knowing that all is well and safe in their little world then.  If only time could have stopped so that I could  go back or hold on to those moments, those memories, for one more time….just one more time.


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Yeah, Definitely Off Schedule But I Have Been…

I’m definitely off schedule but I have been trying to work on school stuff.  I will share what I’ve been working on soon.  I’m kind of excited about my new theme!  I’m keeping it a secret for now…lol!  I want to thank two ladies ( and for lifting me up when I was feeling down.  Thanks to not just them but all that commented.  I use to never get this down but God continues to lift me up….praise be to God!wpid-20150709_202240.jpg A picture of a sunset I took….it does not do justice to how beautiful it truly looked.

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I’m Not On Schedule, Obviously!

I’m not on a schedule, obviously!  I’ve been cheating by doing all my blogging 101 on my phone app!  I guess I’m going to have to brave the laptop in the next day or two to complete the assignment about headers and widgets because I’m not sure it can be done on my phone app!  I have definitely learned a lot about blogging since starting this course and I have enjoyed venturing out to read and connect with other bloggers.



IDK why I can get in such depressing modes.  I have never been a depressed person until maybe recently. I’m sure my hormones (I know…nothing a man wants to hear!) play a big part in my emotions nowadays.  I had a teacher friend tell me once that she knows menopause caused her divorce.   I never planned to talk about depression on my blog.  I have a daughter that suffers with it…..ever since middle school.   I’m thinking seriously about getting my third tattoo, a semicolon.  I think one on the wrist would be cute.

I blame it on menopause but my depression really stems from my children.  I’ve let them down as a parent, a mother, a Christian and there’s no going back. No way to make it better.



Stitched Together


I feel like this today, so imperfect.  Every morning that I wake up I think of the two perfect things in my life that have also become my biggest failure, my biggest heartache.  Sometimes the same thing we experience can be perceived in totally different ways because of the individuality of each heart, mind, and soul.  My heart cries out to the Lord…

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Jeramiah, My New Edition

I have a new puppy that was brought to our home back in January.  My fiancé named him Jeramiah from the old Robert Redford movie called Jeramiah.  I’m not a big fan of the movie because it’s sad to me but I’m a big fan of my newest edition, Jeremiah! He is a very loving puppy.  He drags any and every thing he can up to the front door.  He loves to chew and take numerous dips in the pond behind my home.  He always brings sunshine where there’s darkness.


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I Have Not Mentioned This Yet…..

I have not mentioned this yet but I am a huge cat fan.  I have a great love and respect for cats.  They are the most amusing creatures from God I believe.  I can sit for hours being entertained by them.  They are graceful creatures beyond comparison.  They are there own master so to speak.  Maybe that’s what I love so about them that they answer to no one. Interesting thought…

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Trying out some new things….

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Oil Painting Continued

     Once I decided to pick the brush back up I had to go to my storage room and dig up my art supplies.  It wasn’t too hard to find since I kept most of it in 2 art cases.  When I first went through the supplies I noticed immediately the main thing that was missing:  the paint brushes.  Over the earlier years of my children’s childhood I would slip them a brush to paint with, knowing I would probably never use that brush again but done willingly for the sake of my children’s creativity. 
     Further exploration of my supplies showed I was lacking quite a few items.  I needed linseed oil and turpentine, replinish some oil paint colors, brushes of course, a palette, and a container to mix the oil and turpentine in.  Considering, I was on a budget, I was going to have to buy the items, a few at a time, every time I got paid.  At this time, the only things left to buy now is linseed oil, a huge tube of white paint, and a canvas.
Here are some paintings I did before the children came along.  I hope you enjoy and appreciate art as I do.


Overpopulation of the World


If you're from S.C. you're either a Clemson or Carolina fan.